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RAIB releases its first Safety Digest: Ivybridge

RAIB has today released its first Safety Digest, following a collision between two freight trains in a worksite near Ivybridge, Devon.

Image showing the derailed locomotive and the rear wagon

The derailed locomotive and the rear wagon

Ivybridge Safety Digest

Safety Digests are a way of quickly sharing important safety messages when we have decided not to undertake a full investigation for any of the following reasons:

  • the safety learning has already been covered by a previous recommendation or will be addressed by an ongoing investigation
  • the safety learning mainly relates to compliance with existing rules, procedures or standards
  • the safety learning has a narrow application.

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Notes to editors

  1. The sole purpose of RAIB investigations is to prevent future accidents and incidents and improve railway safety. RAIB does not establish blame, liability or carry out prosecutions.
  2. For media enquiries, please call 01932 440015.

Newsdate: 19 May 2016

Published 19 May 2016
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