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Productivity and Agri-Tech in Uruguay

Challenges to productivity growth in agriculture and possible solutions

Productivity and Agri-Tech in Uruguay

In 2016, a call for bids was issued by the British Embassy in Montevideo covering, among other priorities, the Uruguayan agritech sector. The Uruguayan National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) presented a proposal to research Uruguay’s agricultural sector with a focus on productivity and agritech.

The final report, titled “Productivity and AgriTech in Uruguay” was published in December 2016, identifying macro and microeconomic barriers with a focus on issues ranging from dissemination, transfer and adoption through business and knowledge management.

The topic is currently a priority in Uruguay, as the country faces the challenge of becoming more competitive internationally. As a strong sector, agricultural productivity matters, and how to increase it is key to the country’s growth and development.

Read the report in English here: Productivity and Agri-Tech in Uruguay (PDF, 2.01MB, 37 pages)

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Published 16 June 2017