Press release

Press briefing - morning 11 March 2013

The Prime Minister's Spokesperson (PMS) answered questions on the budget, Leveson, Scottish Independence, meeting with Enda Kenny, the Falkland Islands and mansion tax.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


Asked if the PM still thinks it is sensible to ring fence some budgets the PMS said that the PM’s view is the one set out in the autumn statement and that it remains unchanged.

Asked if the government should change course to compete in the global race the PMS said that the PM set out his views during his speech last week where he underlined the importance to stick the course.

Asked if the PM found it helpful for Ministers to have a public debate on the budget the PMS said difficult decisions are needed to be made and that is it is expected that Ministers will argue the case for their own departmental budgets.

Asked what the PM’s view was on the interventions from Liam Fox and the Church of England the PMS said that government receives many budget representations but will be sticking to the course as outlined in the PM’s speech.


Asked if the PM’s view on a resolution to Leveson remain the same the PMS said that cross party talks continued and the PM’s view remains the same to the statement he made in the House when responding to the Leveson report.

Scottish independence

Asked if the PM would be willing to take part in a TV debate with Alex Salmond on Scottish independence the PMS said that Alistair Darling is heading the campaign for Scotland to remain as part of the union and he will be explaining why it makes both nations stronger.

Enda Kelly meeting

Asked what was going to be discussion during a meeting with Enda Kenny the PMS said economic corporation between the two nations and European reform.

Falkland Islands

Asked if the PM had a message for Argentina on the Falkland Islands referendum the PMS said the PM’s view remains clear, it is right that a referendum is held so that the islanders have their say in the matter.

Mansion tax

Asked if the PM expecting the all ministers to vote against mansion tax tomorrow the PMS said that the PM expects all government ministers to support the government.

Asked if the PM had spoken to the DPM on the issue of mansion tax the PMS said that they talk on a regular basis on a range of subjects.

Published 11 March 2013