Press release

PM: The Smith Commission has been delivered in full

Prime Minister comments on Lord Smith's decision that the Scotland Bill delivers Smith Commission agreement.


The Prime Minister gave a brief interview following Lord Smith’s comments that the Scotland Bill honours the agreement brokered during the Smith Commission.


So, what’s your reaction to Lord Smith’s comments - the SNP wouldn’t agree that the Scotland Bill delivers?

Prime Minister

Well this is a very big day for Scotland. Lord Smith himself has confirmed that the Smith Commission has been delivered in full. A vow was made, a vow was kept. Scotland will have that powerhouse Parliament. Now the debate can shift to how those powers should be used, that’s the debate that now needs to start.


Is more devolution over things like abortion unequivocally a good thing?

Prime Minister

Well Scotland wanted more devolution, the Smith Commission was set up to deliver more devolution and Lord Smith has now unequivocally said that Smith has been delivered. Smith confirms Smith. That’s the big story and it’s an important story because it means the vow about the powerhouse Parliament is a vow that has been kept, in full. Now there can be a debate in Scotland about which powers to use, what to do with taxes, what to do with benefits, that’s the debate that can now take place.

Published 13 November 2015