Press release

PM call with President-elect Macri: 26 November 2015

David Cameron spoke to President-elect Macri of Argentina on November 26 to congratulate him on his recent election win.


A Number 10 spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister called President-elect Macri of Argentina this afternoon to congratulate him on his recent election win. The leaders agreed that this was an opportunity to strengthen relations between the UK and Argentina and to develop existing trade and investment links. Acknowledging the differences between the 2 countries, both leaders agreed the need to pursue a path of open dialogue, and to work towards a stronger partnership.

Discussing Argentina’s economic reform programme, the Prime Minister pledged UK support, as a fellow member of the G20. He also expressed UK support for an EU-Mercosur free trade agreement to be concluded as soon as possible.

Finally, the Prime Minister wished President-elect Macri well with forming his new administration and both leaders looked forward to meeting in the future.

Published 26 November 2015