Press release

PM call with Nicola Sturgeon: 6 May 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, spoke by telephone this morning.


A Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister telephoned Nicola Sturgeon today, following the election results confirmed in Scotland overnight. The Prime Minister congratulated Ms Sturgeon on her party having the largest representation in the Scottish Parliament and, in return, Ms Sturgeon congratulated the Prime Minister on the gains made in Scotland by his party.

The Prime Minister and Ms Sturgeon agreed that the UK and Scottish governments must continue to work together constructively, most crucially in the short term on the future of the steel industry. It was noted that the 2 governments sharing information and experience could be of benefit to the steel industry across the UK and they agreed to keep in touch on this issue.

Published 6 May 2016