Press release

PM call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: 18 July 2016

Theresa May spoke to Justin Trudeau and underlined the importance of the UK-Canada relationship as the UK leaves the European Union.


A Downing Street spokesperson said:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada called the Prime Minister this evening to congratulate her on her appointment.

The Prime Minister set out her vision for an engaged, outward-looking UK and made clear that Britain remains fully open for business. They agreed that Britain and Canada share an especially close relationship and they committed to working together to sustain this as the UK leaves the European Union.

They discussed the importance of trade between our countries, noting their shared view that more needs to be done to spread the benefits of trade to everyone and to address the concerns of some about the impact of globalisation. In this context, the Prime Minister underlined that the UK would continue to be a strong supporter of the trade agreement between the EU and Canada while we remain a member of the EU and that we would want a close trading relationship with Canada outside the EU. Prime Minister Trudeau offered Canada’s firm support as we set out on the path forwards.

They ended by looking forward to meeting at the G20 meeting in China in September.

Published 18 July 2016