Press release

PM call with Angela Merkel: 25 January 2016

Prime Minister David Cameron called Chancellor Merkel today to discuss the UK renegotiation, migration and the Syria conference that they will co-host in London next week.


A Number 10 spokesperson said:

On the UK renegotiation, they agreed that there had been progress since December’s European Council and that there was genuine good will across the EU to address the British people’s concerns in all four areas. Both concluded that there was more work to do ahead of the February European Council to find the right solutions.

They also discussed the migration crisis, agreeing that a strong external European border and close co-operation with Turkey are vital.

Finally, they talked about preparations for next week’s Syria donors conference. They agreed that with senior representatives from around the world in attendance, the conference has the potential to deliver a substantial increase in both financial and practical support for refugees that would help them to stay in the region.

Published 25 January 2016