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Planned roadworks in the East of England: weekly summary for Monday 2 to Sunday 8 November 2015

The following information summarises the work being carried out this coming week. It is correct as of the above date but could be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

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New work

M1 and A421, Brogborough: carriageway repairs

Work to repair the southbound sliproad at junction 13 will be carried out overnight between 10pm and 5am. This work will be completed by Tuesday 8 December. The slip road will be closed for work during these times until Monday 16 November, after which one lane will be closed for work.

Repair work is also being carried out around this junction on the A421. The westbound carriageway will be closed from Marston Moretaine to junction 13 of the M1 between 9pm and 5.30am from Monday 2 November until Friday 4 December.

At Salford Road, Brogborough, there will be lane closures in both directions between 8pm and 6am until Wednesday 25 November, while the entry slip road is closed. At the same time there will also be a northbound lane closure on the bypass lane. There will be lane closures between 10pm and 5am on the motorway roundabout, which will be completed by Thursday 26 November.

M1, Luton: carriageway repairs

There will be a lane closure for carriageway repairs on the M1 northbound by junction 9 (Flamstead) between 8pm and 5am until Sunday 22 November.

A11 Red Lodge: barrier replacement

There will be overnight lane closures on A11 in Cambridgeshire from next week so barrier replacement work can be carried out safely.

The work, which will involve taking down the old central reserve barrier, and installing a new one, will take place between the A11/A14 junction and the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk border, near Red Lodge, from Monday 2 November to Friday 18 December.

During the work, lane 2 of the A11 will be closed in both directions weeknights only between 8pm and 6am.

A14 Girton to Histon (junctions 31 to 32): lane gain scheme, finishing off works

Work to add an additional lane on the A14 in each direction between Girton and Histon and improve slip roads onto the M11 and A14 was completed on Friday 10 April.

From Monday 2 November, we will be carrying out some finishing off work around the scheme, mainly landscaping. While we carry out this work, there will be some clearly signed overnight lane closures on either westbound or eastbound carriageways.

Ongoing work

A5 Hockliffe to Sheep Lane roundabout, Bedfordshire: resurfacing

Work began last Monday 26 October on the A5 near Woburn and is expected to finish by 22 January.

The first phase focuses on the northern part of the A5 between Hockliffe and Sheep Lane and the A505 roundabout to Tebworth. The work involves resurfacing, replacing road markings and installing new signing as part of safety improvements at Tebworth Turn.

Work to resurface on A5 northbound and southbound between the A4012 and Woburn Road will take place overnight for a further 15 nights. The work will be carried out between 8pm and 6am and is planned for completion by 28 November. While the road is being resurfaced the A5 between the A5/A505 and A5 Little Brickhill will be closed in both directions and traffic will be diverted via the A505, A4146 and A5. Local residents who require access will be escorted past the roadworks.

We are building a new 2.9 mile, 2 lane dual carriageway running from north of Dunstable and joining the M1 at a new junction 11a, south of Chalton. Main construction started in March 2015.

Work on the M1:

We have started work on the new M1 junction. The traffic management, including safety barriers, signs, CCTV and average speed cameras, will stay in place throughout the junction construction work, which will be carried out in phases and should be finished in spring 2017 as the scheme nears completion. There will also be overnight lane closures when required, which will be clearly signed.

Work on the A5:

On the A5, travelling from the A505, roundabout traffic has been realigned and now runs on the east side of the carriageway on one lane in each direction to allow for embankment work.

In addition, there are 3 way traffic lights at the A5/A505 roundabout, north of Dunstable, weeknights only between 8pm and 6am, to allow construction of the western verge for a cycleway and footway.

Work on local roads:

On the A5120 Bedford Road and Sundon Road (East of the M1) there will be 2 way traffic lights on Monday 2 November to Wednesday 4 November between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

On Luton Road (B579) there will be two-way traffic lights on Monday 2 November – Friday 6 November between 10am and 3pm.

On Luton Road near Vauxhall there will be two-way traffic lights on Monday 2 November to Friday 6 November between during the day and night.

On Friday 6 November there will be 2 way traffic lights on Sundon Road East and Luton Road near Vauxhall to allow the next phase of local road traffic management switch; traffic coming from Sundon Road East being moved onto the new road which will take road users down to the temporary junction at Luton Road (B579) near Vauxhall, were road users can turn left to follow on down the B579 or right to take them up to Houghton Road/Sundon Road to access Houghton Regis or Chalton on the currently utilised new section of road and vice versa for road users coming from Chalton and Houghton Regis.

Work on the major improvement is due to complete in spring 2017. For more information, visit the scheme web page.

A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme: topographical surveys

We are carrying out topographical surveys for the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme between 19 October 2015 and 19 January 2016.

Surveys will be taking place along the whole of the proposed scheme route, including the land where the new Huntingdon southern bypass would be built and the existing A1 and A14 that form part of the scheme. Surveys of the existing route will require lane closures in both directions and will take place at night only (between 8pm and 6am) to minimise any disruption to traffic.

Lane closures are currently scheduled overnight on:

  • Friday 30 October: A1 northbound between Alconbury and Brampton and A1 southbound between Brampton Hut and Brampton
  • Monday 2 to Wednesday 4 November: A14 between junction 20 (Ellington) and junction 21 (Brampton Hut)
  • Thursday 5 November: A1 between Buckden and Brampton Hut (both north and southbound)
  • Friday 6 November: A1 between Alconbury and Brampton Hut (both north and southbound)

Further work, such as pavement, archaeological and geotechnical surveys is currently being planned and information will be shared when available.

A138 Chelmer Village, Chelmsford, Essex: Chelmer Viaduct replacement

Work to rebuild the viaduct at Chelmer on the A138 started on 17 March 2015. The major improvement work on the Chelmer Viaduct in Chelmsford will take approximately 18 months to complete.

Construction of the access road for the viaduct construction traffic is now complete and the pier and abutment construction is well advanced.

The installation of structural steel beams to support the new viaduct over the Chelmer River is completed.
Work to install steel structures on the viaduct approaches has begun and is expected to be completed by 6 November.

All site work is carried out off-line so daytime traffic is not affected and steel structure deliveries are all carried out under a special order during the night to minimise disruption.

For further details visit the scheme web page.

Highways England is working with the industry and road users to reduce the risks of working on the roads. For the safety of road workers and all road users, when you are approaching roadworks:

  • keep within the speed limit – it is there for your safety
  • get into the correct lane in good time – don’t keep switching
  • concentrate on the road ahead, not the roadworks
  • be alert for works’ traffic leaving or entering roadworks
  • keep a safe distance – there could be queues in front
  • observe all signs – they are there to help you

General enquiries

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Media enquiries

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Published 2 November 2015