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Peru - Prosperity Fund: call for proposals 2016

The bidding round for the new prosperity fund 2016-17 was announced in December 2015. Peru’s Bidding Round closed 12 February 2016. Results will be announced by 29 April 2016.



Prosperity Fund

The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review announced a £1.3bn Prosperity Fund over the next 5 years to promote the economic reform and development needed for growth in partner countries. Our priorities will include improving the business climate, competitiveness and operation of markets, energy and financial sector reform, and increasing the ability of partner countries to tackle corruption. As well as contributing to a reduction in poverty in recipient countries, we expect these reforms to create opportunities for international business including UK companies. The role of the Fund is also set out in the UK aid strategy, Tackling Global Challenges in the National Interest.

Peru Bidding Round

Much of the Prosperity Fund will involve multi-year programmes. As part of the first year of the Fund, initial competitive bidding processes will be administered in a number of countries for project initiatives, where organisations are invited to submit bids to embassies and high commissions for individual projects in support of Fund objectives.

The Central Guidance for Implementers sets out the arrangements for the bidding process for these projects, including rules governing ODA expenditure under the Fund. Decisions on initial country allocations will be taken in early 2016.

The call for bids for the Peru Prosperity Fund closed on 12 February.

Peru Priorities for Fiscal Year April 2016-March 2017

The four areas (healthcare, Energy, Infrastructure, Education) outlined below are a guide to the areas that we’re interested in. Projects that tackle corruption, increase transparency and governance, reduce bureaucracy, or improve procurement (including via Public Private Partnerships) are welcome across all four priority areas. Applications should build towards a holistic programmatic approach to these issues which support the British Embassy’s policy goals. They can be designed to deliver outcomes in one year or over a 2-5 year multiyear programme of actions with clear annual delivery goals and breakpoints built in. Mechanisms to monitor and evaluate outcomes and which actively promote the possibility of sharing outcomes more widely to gain further impact are encouraged. Typical projects will be around £100,000 in year one. You should co-ordinate closely with the British Embassy’s programme and policy teams to guide the drafting of applications (contact details below).

Accessible Healthcare

We’d welcome bids that help extend effective healthcare services to even more of the Peruvian population, or those that improve the effectiveness of existing services. Inclusivity, including gender, should be a strong element of any project. Improvements could focus on, but need not be limited to: a better integrated healthcare system; improved record keeping (including electronic patient records); the development of a national blood service; mobile healthcare facilities; cancer treatment; effective drug prescription and delivery; healthcare facility management/improvement; or training/education linked to any of this.

Cleaner, More Accessible Energy

We’d like to fund projects that help increase access to clean energy, especially in rural areas. Or projects that help reduce Peru’s reliance on fossil fuels, maximising Peru’s potential to be a leading clean energy producer (solar, wind, hydro and others). We’d also be interested in projects that promote green growth, supporting the private sector in adopting sustainable business practices and winning the argument that economic growth need not be carbon driven.

Quality, Smart Infrastructure

We’d like to fund projects that help bridge either the quality or quantity gap in infrastructure in Peru. On quantity this might be around providing innovative, smart infrastructure solutions on transport or affordable accommodation. On quality it might be driving improvement to regulation and implementation or transparency and monitoring (both in terms of the infrastructure projects themselves and the wider supply chain).


We’re interested in making improvements to education across the Pacific Alliance – bids should take this into account. Specific areas of interest include building capacity in English Language education, teacher training and curriculum development (including teacher assessment), technical and vocational education in key sectors (mining, energy, financial services, tourism, agriculture, science and research, social entrepreneurship) and research collaboration between Peru and the UK. We’d also be interested in improving Public-Private Partnerships for school construction and management and the provision of technology to enhance learning.

How to Bid?

The bidding process is run in two stages: 1. Concept Bid and, 2. Full bid. Only bids approved through the concept stage will be considered for full bids. Implementers will be advised if a concept bid has been accepted and called to present a full bid. We’re looking for practical and high-impact interventions; proposals must be a catalyst to transformational changes in policy and practice in target countries and/or their behaviour in global flora. Proposals focussing purely on research, analysis, reports, seminars or workshops will not be relevant unless they lead to specific and measurable action or behavioural change. The British Embassy in Mexico is the regional coordinator for Latin America and will be processing the Prosperity Fund bids for Peru. Bids in Word format (including an Activity Based Budget in excel format), using the Concert Bid Form should be submitted in English by email with the title “Prosperity Fund 2016: Project title-Name of the implementer-Peru”, to the British Embassy in Mexico City: and copied to Mike Vidler at the British Embassy in Lima (

For queries regarding individual project concepts or the priority areas, please contact Mike directly.

What to Include in the Bid Form?

  • An overview of the project.

  • How the project fits with the above priorities.

  • How the project will lead to transformational change in Peru and support the processes of economic development.

  • The rationale for project, including why the project should take place now.

  • Why UK is the partner of choice for such project? This might be: the UK’s recognised expertise in a specific area, UK experience and lessons learned, capitalising on the UK’s convening power, or policies that have close links to UK experience.

  • Support from Peruvian Government: evidence that relevant Peruvian Government Ministry (or Ministries) have been consulted and are supportive of the proposal and its alignment with their own growth plans. Or if not, the bid should explain how the project has sufficient buy-in from the necessary stakeholders to deliver the expected outcomes.

  • Communication Strategy, including stakeholders, beneficiary organizations and relevant public communications strategy actions.

  • Sustainability once the Prosperity Fund project has been completed: what factors will impact on sustainability? What actions are needed by the project to ensure sustainability occurs? What future programming could be designed to develop this impact stream/support further economic development?

  • Evidence that local partnership links are already established and that projects can be delivered on the ground in Peru.

Peru Indicative Bidding Timeline (possibly subject to change)

Dates Activity
12 February Deadline for Implementers to submit Concept Bids to Programme Team
By 19 February Programme Team notification to Implementers announcing results
21 March 2016 Deadline for Implementers to submit Full Bids (including a final Activity Based Budget)
By 29 April Programme Team notification to Implementers announcing results of bidding round
3 - 20 May Contracts and financial arrangements completed
1 June 2016 Deadline for Start of Projects


Published 11 January 2016
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  1. The call for bids for the Peru Prosperity Fund closed on 12 February.
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