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Overnight closures of the M1 at Catthorpe, Leicestershire

As part of the M1 Junction 19 Improvement Scheme near Catthorpe, Leicestershire, a series of overnight closures will be necessary during March, as traffic management arrangements - the roadworks - are changed.


The £190.7 million scheme, which started in January, will reduce congestion and improve journey time reliability and safety by replacing the existing junction with a three-level junction and improving roads between the villages of Catthorpe and Swinford so local traffic can avoid the junction.

Around 142,000 vehicles a day pass through the Catthorpe junction but the current layout of the junction makes it difficult to meet demand, leading to congestion, delays and impacting on safety.

Ivan Marriott, Highways Agency project manager said:

These closures are necessary in order for us to change the traffic management needed for the next part of the scheme. While we have been working on the widening elements of the scheme the traffic has been restricted to lanes 2 and 3. We now have to make drivers use the hard shoulder and lane 1 while we work on the central reserve. These changes can only be done safely by closing the affected carriageways at junction 19.

Although overnight, this will still have an impact on journey times so we would advise motorists to allow extra time on these dates.

The M1 northbound carriageway will be closed between junction 19 and 20 from 9pm until 6am the following morning on 8, 9, 12 and 13 March. The 12 and 13 March have been earmarked as dates that may be affected if the work takes longer than expected.

Northbound traffic will be diverted (4 miles) onto the M6 northbound and off at junction 1 onto A426, A4303 and back onto the M1 at junction 20 near Lutterworth.

The M1 southbound carriageway will be closed at junction 19 just past the A14 exit slip-road from 9pm until 6am the following morning on 10 March and 11 March.

Southbound traffic will be diverted (6 miles) onto the M6 northbound and off at Junction 1, and return back along M6 southbound to rejoin the M1 southbound at junction 19.

The M1 Junction 19 Improvement Scheme will provide the following direct free-flow links:

  • A14 to M1 northbound;
  • M1 southbound to A14;
  • M6 to A14 in both directions;
  • M6 to M1 southbound; and
  • M1 northbound to M6

The M1 will remain on its current alignment. Improvements to the Local Road Network will include:

  • a new link between Rugby Road and Shawell Lane north of the M6;
  • a local route under the junction between Swinford and Catthorpe; and
  • improvements to Shawell Lane/Catthorpe Lane, between Catthorpe Road and the M6 to the east and towards the A5 to the west.

General enquiries

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Published 7 March 2014