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Opportunity to join UK-US consortium

A joint UK-US project is being launched to improve information sharing and processing for the Armed Forces.

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A consortium is to be formed from academia and industry across the UK and US to help troops on the battlefield share, store and process information.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) are jointly holding an Opportunity Day on 3 February 2015 where suppliers can learn how to get involved with the project.

Most core information and communication technologies, such as Cloud and Big Data, are designed for an office environment rather than the tactical space used by our Armed Forces. The consortium, which will last for a 5 to 10 year period and spend around $8-10 million each year, will be looking at how to solve fundamental problems associated with how information is handled on a coalition battlefield.

Dstl and the US ARL are looking for people to undertake high-risk high-payoff research, as part of this collaborative multi-disciplinary programme, which will significantly advance the state of the art in distributed analytics and information science, to ultimately improve information superiority.

Full details about topics being covered and on how the consortium will be selected, are on the Distributed Analytics and Information Science International Technology Alliance web pages.

There will be two Opportunity Days to find out more, register for the one in the US in January or for the second meeting in the UK in February 2015.

Published 16 December 2014