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On 3 December Russia celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The British Embassy in Russia supports the Russian disability non-governmental organization “Perspektiva” which aims to promote an improved quality of life for persons with disabilities in the Russian community.


Barriers to exercising human rights can stem from prejudice, stereotypes, and society’s attitudes towards persons with disabilities.Today, efforts are being made to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in Russia. They have become more visible in the media, and attitudes towards people with disabilities are changing. Despite overall positive shifts, much remains to be done to prevent discrimination toward persons with disabilities, and to promote their full inclusion into the community. There is a need to raise awareness about the barriers and discrimination that they face; promote equal rights and opportunities, and to promote anti-discriminatory approaches in all areas of life, above all, access to education and employment.

The British Embassy in Russia continues to support the Russian disability non-governmental organisation “Perspektiva”. It is the leading disability rights organisation in Russia that helps persons with disabilities in the Russian community to acquire new skills and knowledge to become fully participating members of society and to gain equal access to inclusive education and employment.

As a part of this important work the International Film Festival Breaking Down Barriers took place on 11-14 November 2016. It is the 8th Festival that Perspectiva organise every two years and include films that break down barriers and shatter stereotypes between people with and without disabilities. During the next few months, films from the Festival will be screened in different Russian regions. We invite you to come and hear real stories of those successfully overcame obstacles:

Published 2 December 2016