Press release

Oil and gas regulators to host public drop-in in York

Find out how agencies work together to regulate the oil and gas industry


A group of public agencies is hosting a drop-in event in York to explain how they work together to regulate the onshore oil and gas industry and protect communities and the environment.

The Environment Agency, Health and Safety Executive, Oil and Gas Authority, and Public Health England are hosting the event at Merchant Taylors Hall, Aldwark, York, on Tuesday 29 November.

These agencies work together to assess the impacts of the oil and gas industry, to oversee industry operations, and to ensure that any exploration and development, including fracking, is done in a way that does not put people or the environment at risk of harm.

The drop-in session is one of a series of events that offer local residents, businesses and other interested parties in North Yorkshire an opportunity to find out about agencies’ roles and to ask questions and discuss any issues or concerns they have about onshore oil and gas development ahead of any future applications to develop operations in the area.

Everyone is welcome to attend at any time between 2pm and 7pm.

Published 16 November 2016