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North East residents urged to sign up to be #floodaware

The Environment Agency urges more residents and businesses to sign up to receive flood warnings.

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The Environment Agency is urging more residents and businesses in Middlesbrough and Darlington to ensure they know their flood risk and sign up to receive flood warnings.

In February 2015, a new flood warning service for residents in Middlesbrough was launched – helping protect over 1600 properties alongside the Middlesbrough Becks by warning them before the onset of flooding.

And in Darlington and Great Burdon, the flood warning service helps protect almost 300 properties from flooding from the River Skerne.

The Environment Agency is urging residents in those areas to sign up to its Floodline Warning Direct service to receive warnings via landlines, email and mobile phones.

Essential people understand the risk

The Environment Agency’s Rachael McFarlane, Flood Resilience Team Leader for the North East, said: “Flooding can have a devastating effect on people’s lives, with as many as one in six properties at risk of flooding in the UK.

“So it’s essential that people understand the risks that flooding poses to property and personal safety, and that they find out what they can do to keep themselves warned and informed against any future flood risk.

“There are free flood warning services available to residents in parts of Middlesbrough and Darlington which currently have very low sign up rates, so it’s vital residents take action to ensure they are registered.”

Find out what you can do

Flood management officers are reminding the public of the damage that can be caused by flooding, and advising on what people can do to keep themselves safe and limit the impact of flood waters on their property.

Flood warnings save lives and provide people with vital time to get themselves, their loved ones and possessions out of harm’s way.

Check to see if free flood warnings are available in your community and sign up by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or by visiting the website

As well as checking flood risk, residents can also find out what action you can take to protect your personal safety and property

Published 18 November 2016