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Non-executive director appointment to the National Nuclear Laboratory

Claire Flint has been appointed as a non-executive director to the board of National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL).


This appointment takes effect from 21 April 2017. The decision was taken on the basis that:

  • Ms Flint’s skills and experience closely match the needs identified by a recent independent board review
  • her service a non-executive director associate has established her not only as an excellent and clearly appointable candidate but as the likely appointee if the post were advertised and competed
  • NNL is currently undergoing a major programme of business transformation and Ms Flint’s in-depth knowledge of this will be very helpful in the next 2 and a half years, and also help ensure board continuity
  • Ms Flint’s appointment would ensure improved gender diversity in the non-executive side of the board
  • the time, effort and expense involved in running a competitive recruitment would represent poor value and that a direct appointment is a sensible and a pragmatic course of action

National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

Published 21 April 2017