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Next phase in rollout of Universal Credit confirmed

The next stage of the rollout of Universal Credit to all claimants starts on Wednesday 4 October 2017.


Universal Credit is available in all jobcentres across the country to new single jobseekers and the government has been rolling out the Universal Credit full service to all new claimants, including families and people who cannot work.

In July, Universal Credit full service was successfully introduced to 29 jobcentres across the country, making a total of 101 jobcentres with Universal Credit full service. In October we will introduce it to a further 45 jobcentres across the country.

The commencement order confirming those plans was published today (2 October 2017).

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Universal Credit replaces the complex old system of 6 main out-of-work benefits with one simple monthly payment and is paid the same way many working people are.

The expansion is in line with the planned, gradual, safe rollout of Universal Credit.

As a percentage of the total expected caseload on Universal Credit, the number of households claiming Universal Credit is expected to increase from 8% in September to 13% in March 2018.

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Published 2 October 2017