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New Skills Funding Service makes it easier for providers to manage their contracts

Providers can now use a new Skills Funding Service which allows quick access to view and accept contracts and payment information digitally.

The new Skills Funding Service (SFS) will enable:

  • secure access to contract information
  • a simplified process for providers to access their contract information
  • quicker response times for queries
  • reduced carbon footprint, providers no longer need to print off contracts to sign and return, whilst continuing to ensure an audit trail of contractual documents

We have developed the new service with provider feedback in mind, following conversations and surveys with more than 300 providers.

The new service has already been used for issuing and receiving signed electronic versions of ESF contracts for the 2014 to 2020 programme and is now being extended for:

  • Adult Skills Budget 2015 to 2016 contract variations
  • Adult Education Budget 2016 to 2017 contracts
  • 16 to 18 apprenticeships/traineeships 2015 to 2016 contract variations and 2016 to 2017 contracts
  • Advanced Learner Loans 2015 to 2016 contract variations and 2016 to 2017 contracts
  • AGE 2015 to 2016 contract variations and 2016/17 contracts

To ensure access to your contracts for these programmes, including being able to make changes and returns, and receive prompt payment for any increases to your 2015/2016 and future 2016 to 2017 contract variations, you will need to ensure your staff register for the contract authoriser role in the Hub role management system by 31 May.

We will soon be contacting colleges’ and other training organisations’ contract authorisers with more information about accessing the new SFS.