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New options for lodging evidence online will save customers time

Customers can be more specific about the type of evidence they are lodging when they lodge it online to support a land registration application.


A recent update to the portal, our online transactional channel, allows customers to specify they are lodging the following types of evidence:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Probate.

Our customers asked us to make this change. They told us that when they lodged evidence online, they trawled the relevant drop down list for these specific options. Up until now, customers have been correctly selecting the generic ‘evidence’ option from the list, but only after they were satisfied there was not a more specific option on the list.

Making this assessment takes time so we expect the change to save our customers time, while it enables us to route their applications to the most appropriate caseworker.

Customers can still select the generic ‘evidence’ option if they choose to do so.

This change is one of a number of enhancements we are making to our online channels. We are improving them based on customer feedback.

Published 24 January 2017