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New appointments to the Animals in Science Committee

The Animals in Science Committee (ASC) has appointed 7 new members to independently advise the government on the use of animals in research.


All new members have expertise in animal protection, research and ethics and were recruited from a variety of different backgrounds. They will join the 8 existing members of the committee for their first meeting on September 12.

The ASC is an independent public body sponsored by the Home Office to advise the government, animal research community and animal welfare organisations about the use of animals in research. It was established in January 2013 and replaced the previous Animal Procedures Committee.

The new committee members are:

  • Dr Donald Bruce, managing director, Edinethics Ltd
  • Dr Hannah Clarke, lecturer in neuroscience, University of Cambridge
  • Mr Barney Reed, senior scientific officer, research animals department, RSPCA
  • Dr Sally Robinson, director of laboratory animal science, AstraZeneca UK
  • Professor Clare Stanford, academic pharmacologist, University College London
  • Dr Aurélie Thomas, veterinary advisor for African programmes, The Brooke
  • Wendy Jarrett, chief executive, Understanding Animal Research

You can read committee member biographies.

Published 12 September 2016