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New Application Checker service to help prevent fraud

Cabinet Office’s National Fraud Initiative has launched Application Checker, a service to help prevent fraud at the point of application.


Every new application to an organisation such as local councils, government bodies and transport authorities brings a risk. The person applying may not be who they say they are, or they may fail to declare relevant information, affecting their entitlement to a benefit, service or job.

The National Fraud Initiative Application Checker service provides these organisations with access to the information they require to evaluate applications, speeding up the process and reducing the risk of fraud. In doing so it allows users to:

  • verify an applicant’s immigration status
  • cross-check an applicant’s identity against known fraudulent identities
  • validate details provided on application forms
  • verify the applicant’s welfare entitlement

For further information, or if you are interested in subscribing to the service please email

Published 19 May 2015