Press release

New advice from Cefas on Rame Head

The MMO has received new advice from Cefas with regard to a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) situated near the Rame Head disposal site.

Rame Head from Whitsand Bay

In processing a licensing application in late January 2015, the MMO was formally advised by Natural England of the existence of an area of mud situated in the Whitsand and Looe MCZ which is in the proximity of the Rame Head site.

Following the advice, which was identified as part of a separate verification process to develop evidence on the MCZ, the MMO commissioned a review of the mud with Cefas. Cefas has now advised the MMO that further work is required to determine the origin of the area of mud which measures approximately 2km2 in size.

John Tuckett, Chief Executive Officer said:

“As a responsible marine manager we took a precautionary approach and have not since licensed any disposal at the Rame Head site due to its proximity to the nearby MCZ.

We will not licence any applications to dispose at Rame Head whilst Cefas work continues to determine whether or not the site remains viable.

We are working with all applicants who require disposal licences including the Ministry of Defence to look into alternative disposal sites in the longer term. I intend to visit the area in the coming weeks to provide an update to those with an interest in the site.”

Published 4 March 2015