Press release

Morecambe Bay Investigation: Identification of Interviewees

The selection of interviewees by the Morecambe Bay Investigation

Morecambe Bay Investigation Panel

At an early stage of the Investigation, the Panel identified a long list of potential interviewees and a shorter list of those who it definitely wished to interview. These lists included people from a wide range of organisations including the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, regulatory and supervisory bodies and the Department of Health.

As the Investigation has progressed, it has discovered evidence pointing to the need to interview some of those on the long list, and in each case their name has been added to the list of those to be interviewed. Where there is no suggestion either from documentary evidence or from other interviewees that there is anything useful to be gained from interviewing those on the long list, those names have not been added.

Morecambe Bay Investigation Chairman Dr Bill Kirkup said:

“I remain committed to following the evidence as far as it takes us. To date, we have interviewed over 90 people at many levels with more to come. I am confident that we will interview those needed to ensure that the Investigation is complete, thorough and robust.”

Published 7 November 2014