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More and more Birmingham drivers change their address online

DVLA reveals more drivers are going online to update their address on their driving licence.

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More and more drivers are going online to change their address on their driving licence according to statistics released today (30 July 2012) by the DVLA.

Just over half of all drivers in Great Britain who used the DVLA’s Driver Licence Online service to change their address were men, typically aged around 30. Women drivers were typically aged around 25 and over half of those who went online were single. 77 Reverends, 1 Lord and 1 Lady also used the online service to change their address.

For drivers in Birmingham:

  • 2,600 changed their address online, which is the highest in the country
  • 54% were male
  • The oldest was 82 and the youngest was 16

For further information see DVLA’s electronic services

The table below shows the top 20 regions where drivers have changed address online so far this year.

Region Number of drivers changing address online
Birmingham 2600
Sheffield 2033
Nottingham 2005
Bristol 1942
Reading 1897
Glasgow 1810
Peterborough 1770
Newcastle upon Tyne 1744
London SW 1741
Guildford 1701
Portsmouth 1650
Manchester 1648
Leicester 1604
Edinburgh 1599
Brighton 1561
Coventry 1532
Southampton 1427
Cardiff 1425
London SE 1420
Norwich 1383

Notes to editors

The statistics quoted cover the number of online driving licence change of address in the first quarter of the 2012-13 financial year (April to June).

In this period a total of 105,247 drivers opted to use the online service.

In order to use the online service a driver must:

  • have their driving licence in their possession (including the paper counterpart if it’s a photocard licence)
  • be a resident of Great Britain
  • be currently not prevented from driving for any reason
  • have a valid UK passport or another form of identity
  • be able to provide addresses of where they have lived over the last three years.

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Published 30 July 2012