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Monitor closes investigation into NHS England's commissioning process

The health sector regulator has closed its investigation into the commissioning of radiosurgery services.

This was the first investigation to take place under the NHS purchasing rules designed to protect the interest of patients.

Monitor has decided that the best way to address the issues raised by the case would be through guidance for commissioners rather than making formal findings.

Thornbury Radiosurgery Centre had complained that the process adopted by NHS England to decide which providers should deliver this specialised service, did not operate in the best interest of patients.

Thornbury, which is owned by BMI Healthcare Ltd and Medical Equipment Solutions and based in Sheffield, provides radiosurgery services such as gamma knife surgery which treats lesions of the brain.

NHS England has confirmed that it has now entered into a contract with Thornbury for gamma knife surgery.

Catherine Davies, Executive Director, Co-operation and Competition, said:

In the circumstances we think the best way forward to ensure patients benefit from what we have learned in this case is to close the investigation and develop some best practice advice for commissioners.

Case: Investigation into the commissioning of radiosurgery services in Yorkshire and Humber

Published 26 February 2014