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Message on Saudi National Day and Eid from British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Simon Collis

HMA Simon Collis sends Saudi National Day and Eid greetings

HMA Simon Collis
HMA Simon Collis

It gives me great pleasure to send my best wishes to all my Saudi friends on the occasion of Saudi national day and as well as Eid al Adha.

On the occasion of Saudi National Day, I am reminded of the great history of Saudi Arabia. Today, the Saudi people can rightly proud of their nation, of their history and their developments. Saudi Arabia is a strong nation, an important player in the world and a close friend and partner of the UK. I am looking forward to celebrating the anniversary of 100 years of relations between our two Kingdoms in December this year.

This Eid as we celebrate the end of Hajj, we remember those affected by conflict across the world, who are often forced to make unimaginable sacrifices. We continue to hope for peace in Syria, Yemen and across the Middle East. Our thoughts and prayers are also with all those families who have lost loved ones this year. Including all those affected by the tragic accident at the Haram in Makkah.

I would like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Eid al-adha

Published 22 September 2015