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Mediterranean delegation visits City of London to raise capital

Mediterranean Initial Public Offering (IPO) delegation pitches to City of London investors during 3 day roadshow organised by UKTI Israel.

IPO Med Delegation

IPO Med delegation opens the London market as part of a three-day road show to the City of London.

A delegation of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) / Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) of companies from the Mediterranean region visited the UK on the 19th of October, to explore opportunities for raising capital in London. The visit was organised by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) Israel.

Benefits of visit

During their visit to the City, the companies received instant feedback from market experts and analysts on their suitability for the IPO process. Their meetings with the underwriters covered specific information about:

  • the IPO process
  • listing requirements
  • timetables and costs
  • options available to raise capital on the London markets

The companies will now evaluate the feedback received from the specialists during the intensive roadshow. They will need to determine the appetite of the investment community for their company’s story. Depending on the feedback they will decide, together with their advisers, whether to progress with their IPO journey to list on the London markets.

Delegation programme

The visiting companies who took part in the unique programme came from Israel, Spain, Portugal and Greece. They were mainly in fintech, adtech and the energy sectors.

The delegation programme included:

  • opening the London stock markets
  • several seminars in the City
  • 3 day road-show
  • an IPO seminar at the London Stock Exchange (LSE)
  • meetings with investors, underwriters, advisers and analysts

Programme organisation

The delegation and programme were organised by Ms Amira Bardichev, Senior Adviser at UKTI, the trade and investment section of the British Embassy in Israel.

Ms Bardichev specialises in capital markets and project finance sectors. Several years ago she worked at the London Stock Exchange (LSE), while covering the emerging markets, where she was responsible for many international IPOs.


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Published 2 November 2015