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Maths Diagnostic Questions applications

On 5 April, the British Embassy launched a new maths smartphone app which aims to help Cambodian students pass their Grade 12 maths exams.

Maths Diagnostic Questions applications

Maths Diagnostic Questions applications

The app introduces the innovative new British maths teaching method “Diagnostic Questions” which we launched in Cambodia in October 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Diagnostic Questions uses multiple choice questions to identify misperceptions in students – each wrong answer diagnoses a misperception, and an explanation is given for what that misperception is. This makes it easier for teachers and their students to master difficult maths concepts.

100 new diagnostic questions have been produced based on the Cambodian grade 12 maths curriculum and these have been turned into an app which can be downloaded for free from the iOS or Android stores. The questions were printed onto a deck of cards and distributed to high school maths teachers working across Cambodia at the end of last year.

The app means that the questions can now be accessed by any teachers or students who have a smartphone.

Diagnostic Questions was developed by Craig Barton, a British maths teacher who came to Cambodia in October 2015 and trained teachers and students on his teaching method. It is designed to be an additional teaching tool; it does not replace traditional teaching methods.

The app can be downloaded here: Android and iOS

Published 5 April 2016