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Manila: British Ambassador hosts GREAT British Quiz Night

British Ambassador Asif Ahmad recently hosted his first ever GREAT British Quiz Night for some media friends.

The winners of GREAT British Quiz Night: Team Shaken, Stirred & on the Floor
The winners of GREAT British Quiz Night: Team Shaken, Stirred & on the Floor

Participants were mentally transported to the friendly neighbourhood pub beloved by Britons, where individuals exchange thoughts, camaraderie and a nice cold pint. As the room filled with the merry din of animated chitchat, teammates assessed each other’s trivia prowess and put their heads together to come up with their team names – (1) Marks & Sparks; (2) Spotted Dicks; (3) Winner; (4) Spice Girls; and (5) Shaken, Stirred & on the Floor.

British Ambassador Asif Ahmad welcomed his guests and introduced them to the GREAT campaign, a seven-month series of events that showcase the best of British business and culture. Adding to the festivities was the buffet of British eats, beer and other drinks from the UK; notably, fish & chips, shepherd’s pie and pudding which enabled guests to gear up for the ensuing trivia battle of all things British.

Teams competed in five categories – Creativity (includes most pop culture), Knowledge (includes education and science), Culture (includes heritage, famous landmarks and food & drink), Bond & the Bard (James Bond and William Shakespeare) and This is GREAT Britain (general information). In the end, Shaken, Stirred & on the Floor swept the competition to win first place.

The winners received GREAT prizes from John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, The Body Shop, TM Lewin, Pepe Jeans, and Abbeyhorn; however, no one came home empty-handed as raffle prizes were given away and goodie bags were handed to everyone, courtesy of the sponsors. Everyone left Ambassador Ahmad’s residence with happy faces and a GREAT taste of Britain.

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Published 13 October 2015