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Local woman drives away with a ‘brand new car’ after online win

A Preston woman has won a brand new car worth over £10,000 after renewing her vehicle tax online.

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A Preston woman is looking forward to life in the fast lane after winning a brand new car thanks to her husband.

Amanda Lee, aged 38 was stunned to hear she was the owner of a brand new SEAT Ibiza after her husband entered her into a free prize draw when he taxed her car using DVLA’s telephone service.

DVLA give away 3 SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive 1.4 TDI cars every month in a prize draw to encourage people to use its online and telephone services to tax or SORN vehicles. Mrs Lee joins over sixty other lucky motorists who have already won a car in the free prize draw.

The mum-of-two found out she had won when she received a letter from the DVLA notifying her of the good news a few weeks after her husband had taxed her car for her.

Mrs Lee, who was presented with her car at the Hobin of Preston SEAT dealership on 4th June said:

It was a fantastic surprise as I had no idea I had been entered into a prize draw. When I opened the letter from DVLA and read ‘Congratulations, you have won a brand new SEAT Ibiza car’ I had to read it a few times for it to sink in!

I said to my husband you are not going to believe this but I think I’ve won a car. He said “Is it a SEAT because I entered you into a competition when I taxed the car for you?” I said yes it is, and we both screamed with delight!

The children were also delighted when we told them about the win and they can’t wait to be taken out in the new car. We do quite a lot of driving so having a car that is so economical will be fabulous.

Using the online or telephone services to tax or SORN vehicles only takes four minutes and you don’t need to find your MOT or insurance documents as the DVLA automatically check them for you.

Mrs Lee added:

We’ve used the DVLA telephone service to tax our cars a few times now as it’s very useful in providing a quick and easy way to tax a vehicle.

Andrew Rhodes, DVLA’s Products and Services Director said:

Congratulations to Mrs Lee. More and more of our customers are now opting to use our quick and convenient online or telephone services when applying for a tax disc or making a SORN. I’m sure Mrs Lee must have been doubly surprised to find out that not only had her husband taxed her car, he also won her a brand new SEAT Ibiza into the bargain! I wish Mrs Lee well and hope she enjoys her prize.

To renew vehicle tax or SORN quickly and easily go online or phone 0300 123 4321 or EVL Minicom 0300 790 6201.

Notes to editors

SEAT has provided the cars at no cost to DVLA or the taxpayer.

The SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive was chosen for the prize draw because it met DVLA’s criteria (cars provided free of charge for a monthly prize draw, NCAP Safety Standards, low emissions, car tax bands A or B).

The prize draw initiative is part of a marketing strategy, to encourage motorist to use DVLA’s Electronic Vehicle Licensing system, which has won both National and European Business Awards.

We aim to continue this prize draw in collaboration with SEAT until July 2010.

Andrew Rhodes is available for interview.

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Published 10 June 2010