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Stabilisation and Conflict Learning Resource re-launched

The updated online resource is now available on a new website hosted by the Stabilisation Unit

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This week the Stabilisation Unit has re-launched the Stabilisation and Conflict Learning Resource, which is an online hub for knowledge and guidance on conflict, stabilisation, security and justice. As the cross-government focal point for conflict and stabilisation lessons, the Stabilisation Unit has designed this website as resource for sharing learning in a simple, accessible way.

The Learning Resource hosts a range of products relevant to government staff, members of the Civilian Stabilisation Group, and other professionals working on conflict, stabilisation and security issues. From programme guidance to essential reading, seminar summaries and training information, this is the common platform for sharing information.

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What you can find on the Learning Resource

  • Top 10 Reads – a starting point for reading, linking you to the top 10 papers on a range of geographic and thematic areas relevant to conflict work
  • Publications – guidance and best practice papers produced by the Stabilisation Unit
  • Seminars – summaries of the Stabilisation Unit’s regular seminars on current topics relevant to government work on stabilisation conflict and security
  • Training – links to reading for the Stabilisation Unit’s thematic training courses
  • Civilian Stabilisation Group Portal – information relevant to civil servants and civilian experts who are members of this pool. (Note that this area requires log-in details.)

We want to hear from you

If you are interested in using this resource, please give us your feedback on the page or get in touch with SU Lessons.

Published 2 June 2015