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Kettering Hospital to improve A&E service and finances

Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has agreed steps with Monitor to improve its financial sustainability and reduce waiting time for A&E patients.


As a result, Kettering will now:

  • create and implement a realistic and robust short-term financial recovery plan
  • develop and effectively deliver a long-term strategic plan
  • update its emergency care action plan to ensure closer working with other local health and social care organisations

These legally binding steps follow on from previous action by the health regulator at Kettering following concerns about the organisation of its A&E service, long-term finances and performance of its previous leadership.

While Kettering has made significant progress in improving its A&E service, it is still failing to consistently meet the national target of treating 95% of A&E patients within 4 hours.

Significant progress has also been made by Kettering’s new leadership in becoming compliant with all Health & Safety Executive and local fire authority guidelines.

Monitor will continue to scrutinise the trust’s progress in making these improvements.

Published 1 May 2015