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July SRP progress reports published

Report on the government's implementation of its Structural Reform Plan (SRP) commitments.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

The first monthly reports detailing the government’s implementation of its Structural Reform Plan (SRP) commitments were published today.

View the July updates in one place in an open, accessible format.

Or individual reports can be downloaded below:

The Prime Minister launched the Draft Structural Reform Plans earlier this month with departments setting out their reform priorities and the actions they will take to achieve them, within a specified timetable and alongside measureable milestones. Draft Structural Reform Plans are the key tool of the Coalition Government for ensuring that departments are accountable for the implementation of the reforms set out in the Coalition Agreement.

They replace the old, top-down systems of targets and central micromanagement. The reforms set out in each department’s SRP are designed to turn government on its head, taking power away from Whitehall and putting it into the hands of people and communities.

The publication of regular monthly reports on the progress departments are making will promote openness and transparency across government and will allow people to check that departments are meeting their commitments.

The progress being made against more than 400 commitments is detailed in today’s reports.

Read more: Department Structural Reform Plans.

Published 30 July 2010