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British Embassy Brazil warns of job scams

It has come to our attention that a number of Brazilians have been contacted with job offers that do not exist.

Be careful! Genuine UK companies normally have a rigorous recruitment procedure, including a face-to-face interview. They would not usually offer a job by email and ask for money to cover expenses of the process.

Many scams may appear to come from the UK, but the criminals behind the scam are actually based in other countries.

How they are approaching their victims

  • the “company” make contact by e-mail offering a job because they saw your profile on LinkedIn
  • they inform their bank account so you can transfer money to cover expenses of the visa and tell you that you will reimbursed once you are in the UK
  • then, the “company” asks for money again to prove that you can cover your expenses while living in the UK

It is likely to be a scam if

  • you receive an offer of a job for which you have not applied
  • you receive a job offer by email
  • you are asked to deposit money into a third party’s bank account to apply for your UK visa
  • you are asked for your bank account details by email or phone
  • you are asked to get in touch with a named contact in a British Embassy/Consulate General or visa department (now called the UK Border Agency)
  • you are offered cash in exchange for bank account details

If you receive a scam email

  • do not pay any money
  • do not have any further contact with the originators of the email - these people are professional criminals and their aim is to exploit you and take your money and/or your personal details

How to find out if a UK company is genuine

  • some job scams can be very clever. Check the company’s details very carefully
  • genuine UK company websites may be provided, but the contact email addresses may be false
  • a genuine company name may be given, but the e-mail address will be from a commercial service provider

For example:

Genuine website:
False contact details:

  • genuine UK companies are officially registered and can be checked by this website
  • phone the company in the UK if you are approached about a UK job, and ask detailed questions about the company and the job
  • genuine UK companies do not usually give a mobile number for contact details, request a landline number. If you can, compare the area dialling code with the given location of the company
  • most genuine UK companies do not use a Hotmail or Yahoo type email account

Job offers from the UK Government

The UK Government does not send unsolicited emails with job offers - either direct or through agents. Government vacancies are advertised on the FCO’s official website

Published 5 October 2018