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Improving drivers’ compliance with speed limits

DVLA is working in partnership with Go Safe Wales on its ‘Relevant Speed Limits’ campaign.

Speed camera image

The campaign is using 3 themes to improve drivers’ compliance with speed limits:

  • education – on the devastating effect it can have on family and friends through not adhering to the relevant speed limits
  • enforcement – through speed cameras catching motorists speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile phone
  • engineering – working with our partners to decide the most suitable approach to safety problems at specific locations, such as speed indicator devices

Welsh government statistics reveal that excessive speed is in most cases a contributory cause of road traffic collisions. Every driver has the potential to make a difference by simply observing speed limits and driving appropriately to the road conditions. GoSafe’s campaigns target the 3 most vulnerable groups:

  • young drivers
  • motorcyclists
  • professional drivers

DVLA has been working in partnership with GoSafe, since 2010 when the ‘Deadly Mates’ campaign was launched. DVLA helps support GoSafe campaigns by promoting messages through various communication channels. DVLA’s strong brand helps reinforce the integrity and credibility of the campaigns. The partnership approach has helped to achieve the communication objectives of both organisations.

Published 28 March 2014