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IEA Launches Thailand Electricity Security Report

UK funds IEA project to assess Thailand's electricity sector.

IEA Launches Thailand Electricity Security Report

The International Energy Agency (IEA) and Thailand’s Ministry of Energy have launched a joint study to assess Thailand’s electricity security. Funded by the UK’s South East Asia Prosperity Fund, the study is the first IEA report to be released since Thailand became an Associate Member of the organisation in November 2015. The electricity sector is an important focus for the Thai Government, which is looking for ways to decrease its dependency on fossil fuels by diversifying its power supply and increasing the penetration of renewables.

The primary aim of the report is to support Thailand’s efforts to achieve a secure, affordable and environmentally sustainable transformation of its electricity sector. The report analyses the challenges the country faces, including how regulatory and market arrangements can adapt to take advantage of the opportunities from distributed resources like wind and solar power. The report draws on IEA member countries’ experiences as well as IEA analysis to recommend policy improvements for a more secure and sustainable electricity sector in Thailand.

The electricity security assessment report for Thailand is now available at

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Published 4 April 2016