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How we ensure an 'address for service' is valid

We will write to an applicant if an 'address for service' they supply does not match our address data.


Ensuring we have one or more valid and up-to-date ‘addresses for service’ in each title register is vital to the service we provide.

We use the address or addresses in the register to contact the property owner whenever necessary, including when we receive an application affecting their property.

To help ensure an address is valid we will write to anyone who has made an application to us if we cannot match the address they have supplied with the address data we hold. They can then choose to take any appropriate action.

As explained in Practice Guide 55: address for service (which has been updated to clarify our policy for entering a UK address for service) we can enter up to three addresses for service for each registered proprietor. They can be postal, DX or email addresses.

When supplying an address for service, please provide:

  • for UK postal addresses, the full address including the postcode
  • for overseas addresses, the full address including the country name and ZIP or area code (or equivalent). If the address is in non-Roman characters, we will need a translation for entry in the register
  • for DX addresses, the box number and exchange name in the format DX 223344, Southampton 4
  • for email addresses, the address in the format
Published 3 July 2017