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HMP Berwyn service competitions launched

Two competitions to provide services in HMP Berwyn have been launched.

HMP Berwyn
New North Wales prison: HMP Berwyn

The first competition is to provide learning and skills for around 600 prisoners per day in the prison in North Wales. This will cover the initial assessment of prisoners and ongoing provision of skills, vocational, non-vocational and employability accredited courses appropriate to the prison population. The learning and skills provision will need to begin from when the prison opens in February 2017. 

The successful provider will need to design a learning and skills service that meets the learning needs of the prison population and reflects the employment opportunities in the communities the men return to following release. 

Learning and skills will be run through classroom-based activity but also embedded within activities and facilities in the prison.

The second competition is for providing 520 employment positions for prisoners across four workshops in the prison. 

The successful provider will provide commercially operated workshops similar to working conditions outside of the custodial environment in which prisoners will obtain employability skills.

Berwyn will be a rehabilitative prison which aims to give the men there the best opportunity to address their offending behaviour and focus on their future. Successful providers will need to demonstrate that they share the rehabilitative vision for HMP Berwyn and understand the complexities of working in a custodial environment with a challenging group of people.

For more information on the industries competition visit

For more information on the learning and skills competition

Published 30 March 2016