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HMP Berwyn learning and skills provider chosen

Novus Cambria, a bidder involving a local North Wales college, will be providing education and skills provision for HMP Berwyn.

Under construction: HMP Berwyn education centre

Under construction: HMP Berwyn education centre

Following a competition process, the tender has been awarded to Novus Cambria, a joint venture between Novus (formally Manchester College) and Coleg Cambria.

As well as traditional education or vocational skills training, Novus Cambria will make sure there are opportunities to train in horticulture, libraries, the recycling unit, the wellbeing centre, the industrial workshops, kitchen and gyms.

Russ Trent, Governor of Berwyn, said: “Our aim at Berwyn is to create a rehabilitative culture so we can return the men to their communities as more productive members of their families and society.

“At the heart a rehabilitative culture is a need to provide education and skills to give the best chance of employment on release.

“Novus Cambria had clearly taken on board our vision for the prison and incorporated it into their model and I am delighted that we will be working with them.

“Novus has a strong record working in prisons and Coleg Cambria is an excellent local education provider with their main campus in Wrexham, so I think this partnership will work extremely well.”

Strong points in the bid included:

  • the provision of Welsh language, including second language Welsh classes for people who do not currently speak the language
  • the commitment to work with partners to make sure learning is available in all parts of the prison
  • the assessment of the workforce need in the local area, to make sure the men are given the best skills to get employment on release.

The contract is worth £18.7m and will last for five years.

Published 12 October 2016