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HMCTS Tax Appeal Online service is made available to the public

Certain appeals to the tax tribunal can now be made online.

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The HMCTS Tax Appeal Online service lets people submit their appeal online against certain decisions made by HMRC on their tax affairs and any penalties incurred. Here is further information on the tax decisions that can be appealed against.

The online appeal will be submitted to the tax tribunal so that the case can be considered by a judge and proceed to a hearing, if appropriate.

Using the service

To use the service you will need:

  • a scan or photo of the original notice or review conclusion letter
  • reasons for appeal to copy and paste into the application or attach as a document

Benefits of the new service

The service enables users to lodge their appeal and receive acknowledgement with a reference number in a one-step process.

The online appeal lodgement process provides an option to upload documents, saving on postal costs.

The creation of ‘save and return’ functionality allows users to save and revisit an appeal lodgement if they need to find further information, allowing them to return to their application at a later time.

The online lodgement process means that information is validated when entered into the system and so applications are less likely to be rejected for incomplete or incorrect information.

The service meets GOV.UK and web content accessibility guidelines for all users.

Published 29 June 2017