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HM Coastguard rescues unwell passenger in turbulent conditions

An unwell passenger on a cruise ship sparked a challenging rescue in high seas for HM coastguard off the Northumberland coast Thursday afternoon.

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HM Coastguard were called just after 12.45pm to help the unwell passenger on the cruise ship who urgently needed to be taken to hospital.

The HM coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Humberside, with 4 team members aboard, responded to call and made their way to the cruise ship which was positioned 43nm off the Northumberland coast. After arriving on scene they lowered their paramedic winchman onboard to treat the casualty.

They secured the woman and winched her into the aircraft where she was taken to James Cook Hospital. The cruise ship resumed its planned course.

Co-Pilot and senior first officer of the HM coastguard Humberside helicopter, James Bullock said: “This proved to be a challenging rescue due to the adverse weather conditions. The transit was hampered by poor visibility but once on scene the sea state of around 6 meters and 35 kt winds created significant movement on the vessel which made for a tricky winch recovery. Thankfully with the assistance of the ship’s crew tending the hi-line and patience as we waited for the largest of the waves to subside, the casualty was recovered safely and quickly transported to James Cook Hospital.”

Inverness coastguard called out

Published 19 March 2018