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Highways England hops to it to find lost bunny

Eagle-eyed traffic officers will be reuniting a little girl with her much loved toy bunny after discovering it on the M1 near Sheffield.

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Phoebe Dixon, 3, was distraught when ‘Inty’ flew out of the car window as the family returned to their home in Gateshead following a trip away.

After Phoebe cried all the way home her mother Rebecca Dixon emailed Highways England with a desperate plea for its return.

The precious toy was eventually tracked down by Traffic Officers and will be returned to a delighted Phoebe later this week.

The distinctive white bunny, which Phoebe made herself, sports a purple princess dress and was discovered on the central reservation yesterday (Tuesday 9 June).

After sending the e mail Mrs Dixon was astonished to receive a reply saying that Traffic Officers on patrol had found the bunny and it would be returned.

Mrs Dixon, said:

Even though I had contacted Highways England I did not expect anyone to find it and considered it a massive long shot. There is enough going on on the motorway without people having to look for a lost toy. I am hugely grateful to the Traffic Officers who found it and cannot wait to reunite Phoebe with Inty.

Inty will be returned to Phoebe at a family celebration this weekend and Mrs Dixon plans to write a letter detailing the adventures the toy bunny has had - attaching the picture of Inty in the back of the patrol vehicle.

Traffic Officer, Andy Binns, said:

We were delighted to be able to help return Inty to Phoebe and hope the bunny doesn’t have any further motorway adventures.

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Published 10 June 2015