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Help design the future of export support at UKTI 'Export Jams'

UKTI wants businesses to help design the future of export support at workshops across the UK on 28 July 2015.

Export Jam

What’s this about

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) are holding 9 workshops around the UK on 28 July called ‘Export Jams’. These workshops look at how the government provides export support to companies in the future.

Export Jam is being run by UKTI’s Ideas Lab and the Cabinet Office Policy Lab.

What will happen at these ‘Export Jams’

Professional facilitators work with a roomful of people from all kinds of backgrounds to work in teams to generate, develop and test big new ideas. Jams are typically very high energy events where people are encouraged to speak up, think outside the box, and explore new tools and skills like design thinking.

We want companies to attend an ‘Export Jam’ near them and tell us how we can make it easier for companies to trade internationally.

Companies will have the opportunity to network and share their insights and experiences. You will work with others to create prototypes of the products and services you need in the future.

These sessions will identify, test and generate new ideas that will make a difference to companies who want to export or are exporting already.

Register for an Export Jam near you or take part online

To attend a workshop select from the below:

Take part online if you’re not able to attend. Businesses will be live streaming their ideas.

Follow the conversations on Twitter @UKTIIdeasLab or #ExportJam.

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Published 22 July 2015