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Green technology: 40 projects share £25 million in funding

40 game-changing new technologies have won funding through the first round of Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst.

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The energy catalyst funds innovative projects that tackle the 'trilemma' of challenges facing the sector.

Windows that act as solar panels, an engine running on landfill emissions and Europe’s biggest battery are just some of the winning projects.

Business and Energy Minister, Matthew Hancock said:

Many of these projects are not only UK firsts, but world firsts, and by supporting them at this early stage, we will ensure the UK reaps the rewards in the future.

Rob Saunders, Head of Energy at Innovate UK said:

The projects that have won funding in this first round are exactly the sort of ideas we had in mind when the energy catalyst was created. The second round is well under way and I’m looking forward to seeing UK firms come forward with more new ways of securing a reliable, low carbon and low cost energy system.

Solving the energy ‘trilemma’

The Energy Catalyst was established by Innovate UK, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to accelerate innovation in the energy sector and address the ‘trilemma’ of challenges it faces, namely:

  • reducing emissions
  • improving security of supply
  • reducing energy costs
Published 26 February 2015