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Deputy PM: coalition government committed to long term

Nick Clegg: The coalition government is committed to governing for the long term in a bid to create a fairer, more prosperous future.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government


The coalition government is committed to governing for the long term in a bid to create a fairer, more prosperous future, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Nick Clegg has said.

Speaking at the Institute for government in London today (9 September 2010), Mr Clegg said that decisions such as those to balance the public finances may be painful in the short term but were necessary to create a more sustainable economy in the future.

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His speech was 1 of 2 which will set out the government’s guiding purposes. Prime Minister David Cameron is set to make the other speech, on redistributing power from central government to local communities and people, at a future date.

Mr Clegg said that society as a whole and politicians in particular were guilty of “short-termism”.

He said the government was already trying to change this culture through measures such as 5-year economic plans and the Parlimentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill. The Comprehensive Spending Review in October will also be a long term plan, Mr Clegg added.

The DPM said:

I am under no illusions about the significant political risks both parties in the coalition are now taking by now facing up to these difficult decisions in government. But I also think people will see, even through these tough times, that the coalition government is acting in the interests of a better future.

Denying the need to sort out the public finances would lead to bigger problems in the longer term, and would be a betrayal of the prospects and prosperity of future generations. We have had a budget for the future; our Spending Review is aimed squarely at the future too.

It falls to our political generation to take the necessary steps now for a better, fairer future. Reform and change today is necessary if we want mobility and prosperity tomorrow. That’s the horizon shift we need. That’s what the coalition government is about.

Published 9 September 2010