Press release

Foundation trust to take action over finances following investigation by regulator

Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will take action to improve its finances, following an investigation by Monitor.


Monitor has found that there are reasonable grounds to suspect the trust, which provides a range of acute and community services, has breached its licence to provide health services.

The trust will now develop and implement plans to improve its financial position. It will also take steps to ensure it can continue provide its services on a financially sustainable basis.

Monitor has also added a further condition to the trust’s licence that requires an improvement in the performance of its board in dealing with the issues the trust faces. This will enable the health regulator to take further regulatory action in future if necessary.

The regulator also examined the trust’s A&E performance. This part of the investigation has been closed without further formal regulatory action because of the steps the trust is taking to improve.

Paul Chandler, Regional Director at Monitor, said:

Patients rely on the services Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides. That’s why we have taken action to ensure the trust improves its finances.

The trust will also take steps to make sure it can continue to provide services in a financially sustainable way.

The trust will report to Monitor on its progress and the regulator may take further action if required.

Published 7 August 2015