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Foreign Secretary welcomes strong Resolution on North Korea

The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, has welcomed the UN Security Council’s adoption of robust measures to tackle North Korea’s illegal nuclear programme.


The Foreign Secretary said:

The UN Security Council has adopted the robust measures we have been working on since North Korea’s illegal nuclear test on 6 January. The fact that this Resolution was passed unanimously demonstrates that the international community is prepared to take tough measures in response to such violations.

This Resolution provides strengthened means to tackle North Korea’s illicit proliferation and its illegal nuclear programmes. All states must now implement the new measures, along with their obligations under previous resolutions.

North Korea must put a stop to these provocations and take tangible steps to re-engage constructively with the international community. If it is willing to change its approach and take concrete steps towards re-engagement, it will find that the international community will respond positively. If it continues on its current course, prioritising the development of its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes over improving the well-being of its own people, it will face further isolation and Security Council action.

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Published 2 March 2016