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Foreign Secretary answers questions on Twitter as part of Middle East tour

Foreign Secretary William Hague answered questions about the UK’s policies on Egypt, Human Rights, Iran and the Middle East Peace process.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

The following questions were put to the Foreign Secretary @WilliamJHague by using the hashtag #askFS.

Q. @mato131: Why are Britain and the US close allies with Mubarak when clearly he was a brutal, vicious dictator? #askFS

A. @mato131: We have relations with countries, not individuals - UK ties with #Egypt are broader than that

Q. @thenpb: @WilliamJHague #askFS what steps will your Gvt take to bring israel & palestine to the table for peace talks?

A. @thenpb: We can’t impose peace. Has to be a willing agreement that both sides enter into & believe in

Q. @alexgreen101: #askFS what do you believe we on the ground can do to help advance the peace process??

A. @alexgreen101 make the case for peace. support both sides. bolster the voices of reason & moderation

Q. @keeprightonline: @WilliamJHague do you believe the UK has any part to play in a Middle East peace deal and if so, why aren’t we leading not following? #askFS

A. @ keeprightonline Yes. And this week I said what I think is needed: international leadership and Israeli & Palestinian boldness

Q. @jambuc33: Has #Egypt situation helped or hindered Mid East Peace Process? #askFS #Jan25 Is #Israel concerned? Is #Jordan next?What have U said 2 both?

A. @jambuc33 #Egypt has made the Peace Process more urgent - everyone should be concerned

Q. @littlerascal356: @WilliamJHague #askFS should we really be getting involved in Egypt’s affairs? If so. Why?

A. @littlerascal356 We want to see people of #Egypt resolve their differences peacefully themselves - as a sovereign nation #askFS

Q. @WilliamJHague #askFS: William will you be intervenening on behalf of Said Musa? Sunday Times 060211. Sentenced to death for Christian faith?

A. @Colin_Bloom Yes we have. Freedom of religion is a basic human right. Punishment on such grounds is appalling #askFS

Q. @nowishconceived: @WilliamJHague Are you going to address the human rights of LGBT people with this middle-east visit? #askFS

A. @nowishconceived: We object to discrimination against LGBT people in all circumstances & all places and yes, we make this very clear #askFS
Q. @nomski_: @WilliamJHague Call me a sceptic but do you foresee democracy in the region on your terms or people of ME? #askfs**

A. @nomski_ There is no single model for democracy. It is up to each country to chart their own course. But basic rights always apply #askFS

Q. JelleJonker: @WilliamJHague What’s your opinion on the situation in the M-E and the repercussions it has on the situation in Israel? #askFS

A. @JelleJonker It definitely makes the need for a 2 state solution more urgent - before it gets even harder to achieve #askFS

Q. @Chris_Lamb: @WilliamJHague if EU is creating transition aid - why does UK Gov need separate fund? #askFS Does the FS not realise we cannot afford it?

A. @Chris_Lamb We can’t insulate ourselves from problems in other countries - they affect us too - #Tunisia needs support

Q. @ispadley: Your trip does no include Egypt. How much does the Suez Crisis play into the UK’s cautious approach towards the protests in Egypt? #askfs

A. @ispadley it is not for us to choose who leads #Egypt - we want the people of Egypt to be allowed to choose #askFS

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Published 10 February 2011