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Flood charities get £8.4 million boost from government

Communities Secretary Greg Clark announces charities supporting those affected by this winter’s floods will get an £8.4 million boost.


Charities supporting those affected by this winter’s floods will get an £8.4 million boost, Communities Secretary Greg Clark announced today.

The move is part of a multi-million pound package of support for areas hit by Storms Desmond and Eva at the end of last year.

Speaking in the Commons today Greg Clark confirmed that the government will match, pound for pound, the funds raised by charities and community groups in flood-hit areas.

Mr Clark praised the dedication and commitment of charity groups and community foundations in raising the funds, and providing vital support to those “when they needed it most”.

Communities Secretary Greg Clark said:

Whether it was helping with the clean-up operation, offering food and blankets or putting people in touch with much-needed legal or financial advice, an army of volunteers offered considerable support to people when they needed it most.

Having met a number of these community groups in flood-affected areas, and seen for myself the incredible work they have done, we will match, pound for pound, the money raised by these groups to help local people who were hardest-hit.

It means an £8.4 million boost to their fundraising efforts, meaning more of the thousands of families and businesses affected can benefit from this help to get back on their feet.

Match funding

Today’s announcement fulfills a pledge made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in December last year to match the fund-raising efforts of charities and community groups who sprang into action to help those affected by the record-breaking levels of rainfall from Storms Desmond and Eva.

The funds are expected to contribute to:

  • clean-up costs
  • emergency repairs
  • clothing
  • food and drink
  • heating and heating equipment;
  • basic furniture.

Charities and community groups will be contacted immediately to ensure that the funding reaches those in need as soon as possible.

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Published 22 March 2016