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First veterinary DNA vaccine authorised for Clynav

First DNA vaccine authorised in the EU to protect Atlantic salmon against Salmon Pancreas Disease.


A new vaccine to protect Atlantic salmon against Salmon Pancreas Disease, for which the VMD played the lead assessment role, has been authorised across the EU through the centralised procedure. Clynav is the first DNA vaccine to be authorised in the EU.

The VMD steered the authorisation application through challenging regulatory hurdles involving complex scientific debates and negotiation, championing the adoption of this innovative DNA vaccine technology for veterinary use.

The authorisation of this vaccine has the potential to herald a new era of novel vaccines to protect animals against disease.

Clynav is marketed by Elanco Europe Ltd.

The Summary of Product Characteristics will soon be available through the EMA website and the VMD’s Product Information Database.

Published 29 June 2017